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Become a Metropolitan Choir
Ministry Partner

For over 54 years, ministry partners contributions remain the principal source of financial support required to sustain this ministry of using choral music to proclaim the Gospel according to God’s Word and to praise, honor, and glorify the Triune God. We invite you to join our faithful partners in supporting this ministry to the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. View a list of our current partners here.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Metropolitan Choir of Praise is to use music to proclaim the Gospel according to God's Word as given to us in the Bible, and to praise, honor, and glorify the Triune God.


Sing again! Let your voice be heard!

Our initial audition sessions have passed but we are still welcoming new members. The 8-12 minute audition process is as follows:

  • Vocalization and range check
  • Please be prepared to sing the familiar hymn, Amazing Grace, as a solo for us, or an acappella prepared song of your choice, from any genre. This solo can range from a simple hymn to an aria. A candidate should sing a selection that shows his or her voice in its best light.
  • After you have sung your solo piece, we will ask you to do your best at a little sight-reading. Because each concert is done with a minimum number of rehearsals, we view music reading as a important and beneficial skill, but not absolutely necessary. The sight-reading will consist of you singing your voice part of a simple four-part hymn (Amazing Grace) while the piano plays the other three parts. (Sopranos will be asked to demonstrate their ability to sing the alto part.)
  • After we have chatted informally for a few minutes you’re all done. Absolutely painless….guaranteed.
  • For more information and to schedule an audition, contact Mark W. Shepard at 616-308-5369 or Ginny Gates at 616-901-1727.

Click here for more information on auditions and joining the choir.

Our History

The Metropolitan Choir of Praise was organized in October, 1963, by Mr. Peter Vanden Bosch who envisioned a choir in the West Michigan area similar to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, Utah. Approximately 115 interested singers attended its first Saturday night rehearsal in the Bates Street Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Drawn from many vocations and professions and from various churches throughout the West Michigan area, we are committed to praising God together and greatly enjoy singing and sharing our ministry of music, featuring spirituals and classical, traditional, and contemporary styles. The choir has been blessed in bringing its musical ministry not only to Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area, but also to a number of states, near and far, -- Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, Washington D.C., California and Washington. The Choir has also travelled to Ontario, Canada and has conducted two concert tours to the Netherlands.

In celebration of its 35th concert year, the Choir travelled to Eastern Europe where concerts were given in Hungary, Romania, and the Ukraine to many people just being freed from Soviet Communist rule. This concert tour made a lasting impression on the choir and will forever live as one of the highlights in our history.

Throughout its history the choir has performed at a number of venues including numerous churches, Meijer Gardens, convalescent homes, Grand Rapids Civic Auditorium, Mel Trotter mission, Pacific Gardens Mission(Chicago), Prince Conference Center (Calvin College), etc. Some of these performances were given to raise funds for missions and benefits such as Love, Inc.